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Suckling Pig

This concept of the “whole suckling pig” , are called many names in many cultures. “Lechon” in Phillipines, “Porco No Rolete” in Brazil , “Lechon Azado” in Puerto Rico , “Hog Roast” in UK , “Chocinillo Asado” in Spain, “Spanferkel” in German & Austria  or the Hawaii version that cooked under ground. Surely you can find it in China, Vietnam , Rusia , Sweden..and other places.

It’s just such an exotic food – many people use it for their party or in communal eating events  or to celebrate some happy important events.







Baby Suckling Pig

Spain is well known as the master of making this Succulent Baby Pork – Piglet. In their tradition, they will cut the meat with the porcelain plate – to show how crispy is the skin.

Chinese also have it , but with the different style of skin crisp. You should try both if you have a chance




A Tribute to this exotic dish, we have 3 kind of Suckling Pig. The “Babi Putar” , “Babi Guling” and “Suckling Baby Pork”. We make one of them on each Saturday and Sunday.

If you have your party and need this dish, you can order it 2 days in advanced. It is one day for ensuring the supply of the hog – the preparation will be also some 4-5 hour starting in the early morning. You can have it in our restaurant or send it to your party place in Jakarta.

We wish you have a great party and enjoy your family and friends. Good food is always good excuse to meet your good friends and family.












Pork Knucle




Roasted Pork Belly

Slow Roasted Pork Belly. Listen to the crispy cracking skin with the juicy meat underneath.

Pork Knuckle

Roast Pork Knuckle. Slowly roasted – kindly order 1 day before.